World Scout Jamboree 2019

What is WSJ 2019

The 24th World Scout Jamboree will be an adventure beyond anything you can imagine. It is to be hosted jointly between Boy Scouts of America, Scouts Canada and the Scout Association of Mexico.

The UK Contingent will be made up of participants, their Unit Leaders, International Service Team and a Contingent Management and Support Team (UK Contingent Team).

Participants must be born between 22 July 2001 and 21 July 2005. There will be absolutely no exceptions to this rule.

The County have 2 36 units, as a district we have 8 confirmed places.

Where and When

The Jamboree will take place on 22nd July – 2nd August 2019 at The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve in West Virginia,



The Site

Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve is in an area of natural beauty which offers a huge range of adventurous activities. The site is hilly, spread over a large area with access provided by gravel pathways.

Take a look at the physical appearance of the site on Summit Bechtel’s Flickr page here: here.

Below are some highlights of what the Summit Bechtel Reserve has to offer:

  • Longest combined zip lines in the world (5.45 miles/8.7 kilometers)
  • Longest canopy course in the country (9.55 miles/15.3 kilometers)
  • Largest man-made outdoor climbing facility in the country (218 stations)
  • Top purpose-built mountain biking facility in the country
  • Second-largest outdoor skate park in the country (4.6 acres/ 1.7 hectares)
  • Second-largest BMX facility in the country (13.7 acres/ 5.3 hectares)
  • Third-largest archery range in the country (116 stations)
  • Largest natural outdoor arena in West Virginia (80,000 capacity)
  • Access to one of the top-rated rafting, kayaking, and fishing rivers in the country
  • Access to some of the most popular climbing areas in the country.



Costs are:

The total cost will be £3,495 (before county, district or group contributions are deducted).
Payment Schedule is as follows:
Nov 2017 – £400 (see below no payment due)
Mar 2018 – £620
Jun 2018 – £620
Nov 2018 – £620
Mar 2019 – £620
Jun 2019 – £615
Total. £3,495
County will pay the first payment (£400) in November and this will be the County’s financial contribution to the Young Person’s Jamboree fees making the cost to the young person, before District and Group Support £3,095.

Selection Dates

Applicants were invited to one of the 2 Selection / Interview Dates.  The dates have now both taken place and the 10 selected as the contingent from Cotswold Edge are: