During your training and on-going learning you will meet a wide variety of people from all parts of Cotswold Edge, these people are like you; volunteers, and understand how sometimes difficult it is to manage your time between Scouting, work, family life and other commitments.

Training needs to be thought of as an enhancement to your already large portfolio of life skills.
With some extra training you can build your knowledge, improve you practical skills, build your confidence and manage your time more effectively, thus giving you a buzz to deliver more exciting programmes.

The people below are here to help you do just that, if you wish to book on a course but not sure how to, have a question to ask or need some information and not sure where to find it, or have a module you wish validated they can help.

You will see your training needs are looked after and supported by a specific person, however sometimes people move on or retire and occasionally there may be a gap, if this is the case please contact me via my email and I will endeavour to put you in contact with the appropriate person or answer your query directly.

If you see a gap and would be interested in filling that role or part sharing the role with someone else I would be very interested in talking to you about it, or perhaps you have a specific interest in being part of the team but not in the role below and would like to see where you may fit in please contact me also, I would be very keen for a chat?

For further information, please contact the relevant person on the list below.

Training Advisers

In Cotswold Edge we aim to have a Training Adviser in every Group and Explorer Unit. This is generally the GSL in Groups. All ADCs will also be trained as Training Advisers. If your GSL or Explorer leader are unaware of who your training Adviser is, please contact the ADC – Adult Leader Training or DDC – Support.

Personal Learning Plan

All leaders going through Wood Badge training will have a PLP. This can be found on your record on the membership database (Compass).

Usually your Training adviser will go through the plan to agree what training you actually require to complete. At this point you should also have a paper copy.

All modules have to be validated regardless of whether you complete a training course or not. Validation is usually completed by your Training Adviser, who should complete the online form and pass it to the Training Administrator to arrange for your on-line PLP to be completed and request your Wood Badge be awarded by HQ.

HQ will process the request and will send any Wood Badge to be awarded to your District Commissioner.

Learners Resources

There is a diverse range of training methods right at your fingertips.

One of the key principles of the adult training scheme is flexibility. It’s available to you whenever you want it. The scheme gives you the opportunity to learn at a time and place convenient to you.

Make the most of the adult training scheme to see what you can discover.

A more comprehensive introduction to the adult training scheme can be found in the downloadable Adult Personal File below.

Adult Training Scheme overview (PDF)

Adult’s Personal File (PDF)

Adult’s Personal File for Section Leaders (PDF)

Module Matrix (PDF)

Resources for learners contains materials, links and further reading on each of the modules with the adult training scheme.

Ongoing learning resources

New Leadership and Management Training

Avon County Training Team

The training team organise and run training courses to cover the modules required for all leaders to attain their Wood Badge.

Details of training courses and application forms can be found at Avon County Training Catalogue

County Training Manager – Mike Banfield

Follow this link to book on to the County training courses.

Note: Courses are free however if you don’t attend you will be charged.

ADC – Adult Leader Training

The ADC role is a District Role and supports the DDC Support in delivering Training to the Distrct, but an LTM is assigned to each District within  the County.

We are currently looking to fill the ADC role, therefore Peter Carnegie (DC) is acting as the ADC – Adult Leader Training for Cotswold Edge until further notice. If you are interested in this role please click here to apply or for more information

Peter can be contacted by email using

please send all paper training course applications and any course fee to Richard Alner (Training Admin) at the following address:

42 Cavendish Rd
BS34 5HL

Richard will sign your form and then take it to County Office who manage all training applications.

Training completed

When a learner finishes some training this can be updated  by completing the Training Completed Notification form on receipt of this form the District Training Administrator will complete the information on Compass.

Training validated

Once a learner has completed training it needs to be validated to enable a wood badge to be awarded. To notify district that training has been validated the TA should complete the Training Validated Notification form on receipt of this form the District Training Administrator will complete the information on Compass. If all modules on the learners PLP have been validated, then a woodbadge request is automatically requested and once approved by the CTM will be issued.