District ‘First Steps’ Jamboree 2018

Cotswold Edge Scout District ‘First Steps’ Jamboree 2018


Where:    Woodhouse Park, Almondsbury
When:     1st-3rd June 2018



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This the FIRST of the Cotswold Edge Scout District’s Jamborees, so we are using a theme of FIRST STEPS. The District has booked out the top fields of Woodhouse Park with a parking field, camping field, activity field and FOOD field. Yes there is central catering with provision for those with special dietary requirements which we need to know asap!


  1. All attendees including leaders and additional adults must complete Health form (Groups to hold on to these while at camp) Health Form
  2. Please ensure your parents follow the instructions on the kit lists Kit List CamperKit List Day Visitor
  3. There are 4 permission forms on the one sheet. All young people over 10 years old must have parental permission to take parting in shooting. Groups to hold forms and give out to YP on Saturday morning, no signed form – no shooting activity  Shooting Permission Form
  4. So that we can allocate wristbands to all attendees it is essential that the Group/Section leader completes the Group Information for wristbands spreadsheet and emails it to cotswoldedgedistrictjamboree@gmail.com as soon as possible, no later than 26/05/18. (New additions to medical information can be added later if necessary)

Programme: Saturday all day – all of the WHP activities have been booked as well as inflatables and additional external visitors/activities. Plus evening entertainment.

Sunday am – Each group will provide at least one activity that covers all age ranges or one activity for each, it’s up to you! Please let us know what you are planning to run.


We want everyone to know everything as it happens and if you don’t hear anything ask!

We will be using this webpage with FAQs, the email address cotswoldedgedistrictjamboree@gmail.com, there is also a Facebook page and a Twitter account, just use the links at the top of the page.


We have a winning entry from 1st Wickwar chosen by the eight World Scout Jamboree attendees. Well done all those of you who submitted a design they were all great!

Arrival and Departure Times by GroupJamboree Camp Information
Campers – Arrivals And Departures
Day Visitors- Arrivals And Departures
Late Arrivals and Day Helpers
Long Stay car parking

Here are the forms you need:



Tatlent show infomation

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