Training Forms

5 December 2016

I have created some forms for notifying when

  • Training is completed
  • Training has been validated

The forms are available from the District Website and you will now see a menu item Training which has been moved from under the District item to allow you to access the forms easily.

Each form is for the modules required for Wood badge, and you can select only the modules you wish to notify me about.

When you select a module it will add relevant fields to the form that match with the fields that need to be completed in Compass.

None of these fields have been set as mandatory however if a field that Compass requires is not completed I will obviously question the person completing the form.


The form to notify when training has been validated must be completed by a Training Adviser.

If when I check Compass, the person who has completed the form is not a training adviser then the validations will not be added to the system and I will reply to the person accordingly.

The form to notify when training has been completed (but not validates) should be completed by either the learners line manager or a training adviser.

I will also be setting up a form for people to notify me of ongoing learning that has been completed. In the meantime, if anyone wishes to register any ongoing learning they should email me the details.