Midas (Section 19 Minibus Permits)




In Cotswold Edge we have 2 trained Midas Trainers/Examiners.
If you wish to apply for a Permit, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.
It will be emailed to Mike Rickwood and you will receive a copy for your records.

Information related to existing Section 19 Minibus Permits:
a) ALL old-style (purple writing on white background) permits are now invalid. If you drive with one of those showing, you are breaking the law. The only valid permits are in-date purple ones in the new style.

b) It’s been over five years since the new permits were introduced and these, too, have started to expire. Unless you’re brilliant at admin and know exactly when your permits expire, it would be a good idea to check your buses to make sure that they are in-date.

Groups, you will know how to order your own permits. However, you are advised to think carefully about the “classes” of persons entitled to be carried on the bus, as this has proved to be crucial (VOSA/DVSA have impounded minibuses carrying the wrong class of passenger). The application form is here:

http://scouts.org.uk/media/354828/Minibus-Application.doc and in Section 4, you would be wise to write something along the lines of: “Members of the Scout Movement and their parents and helpers,” or “Members of the 1st Nether Wallop Group Scout Council and helpers.” Those of you with just “Members of the Scout Movement” cannot carry their parents, for example, as they are not members (but they are members of the Group Scout Council – but, of course, their grannies are not, but they can be classed as “helpers”)! What I’m saying is, think carefully and include helpers as a catch-all.

Explorers, despite what HQ might suggest, there hasn’t yet been a test case in the Crown Court about driving with an invalid Permit. You are therefore strongly advised to get your Permits through me ( Mike Rickwood ), issued to the District, because Explorer Units are not a legal entity, any more than Cub Packs are. The legal entity is the District. If each Unit which needs Permits would like to get in touch with me to tell me how many, I’ll organise it. Please let me know also if it’s urgent, i.e. if your current ones have expired!

Don’t forget, if you loan or rent your bus out to another Group or organisation, make sure that they also have a valid permit, because they can’t drive on your permit. Now that the first new-style permits are timing out, you might want to ask for a scan to be emailed to you if another Group or organisation wants to use your bus.

If you have any questions relating to this information or to request Midas Training, please contact Mike Rickwood / Paul Brooks via the form below

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