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Compass is current offline until early 2016.
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To: all members

Dear colleagues

Before 2015 ends we wanted to update you on the plans for January’s phased roll out to restore local access to adult records. Testing has finished and we’re on schedule to roll out phased local access to Compass. We are confident that the system is as ready as it can be and are very grateful to the large number of members who have supported the testing of Compass locally.

Phased roll out timetable

A short period (anticipated to be no more than two days) with no access to the ’add adult tool’ and reports while systems are prepared. Advanced warning of this shutdown will be given.

Webinar sessions for phase one users. The ’add adult tool’ will close and you will be able to add adults again within Compass once available.

Phase one local Compass access begins. Online Compass support goes live.

At what phase will I get access to Compass?

Download the diagram to see at which of the four phases you have access.


Local support for Compass

During the phased roll out, a team within your County/Area/Region will be the first point of contact for supporting local members with Compass. Details about who to contact will be communicated by your County/Area/Region team.

National support will be expanded and available via the Scout Information Centre. The opening hours will be extended to include both Saturday and Sunday for a short period after the re-introduction.

No youth data

Don’t forget, as mentioned in November’s Compass update email, only data and functionality to manage adult members, including Scout Network members will be available. No youth data and functionality for managing youth members aged 6 to 18 and their parents will be available when local access is restored.

We will be back in touch in early January to notify when the ‘add adult tool’ and reports will be unavailable for a short period.


And finally, as 2015 draws to a close we’d both like to thank you for your time and commitment, especially during a particularly challenging year, to provide even greater opportunities for more young people to experience the fun and challenge of Scouting.

Wayne Bulpitt                        Matt Hyde

UK Chief Commissioner        Chief Executive


The Scout Association

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Compass Update 26th November 2015

Preparations and testing continues and we are pleased that we are still on target to restore local access to Compass for managing adult data, with a phased roll-out from the end of January 2016. We have set out which roles will have access to Compass first within the email below.

We’ve said that we would not restore Compass until we were confident it was secure and working effectively. We have involved volunteers in complex programmes of testing and we’ve been methodical in working with our suppliers and security experts who are happy that the system is secure to ensure that everything is ready for use.

Prioritising adult data

Work to restore Compass has been prioritised on the restoration of adult functionality. When local access is restored you will be able to manage adult data only, not youth data. This means that youth and parent data will not be included in the version of Compass released in January 2016.

Data and functionality or managing adult members, including Scout Network members   Yes   Tick
Data and functionality for managing youth members
(ages 6 to 18) and parents
  Not at this time   Cross

The functions released in January 2016 will allow Members (dependent on their role) to:


  • View their own personal profile
  • Search for other adult members
  • Add adult members
  • Add roles to new and existing members
  • Request Disclosures
  • View Reports
  • View and amend their Scouting Hierarchy (add sections to their Group etc)
  • Adult Training
  • Permits

Local access roll-out

We will communicate with relevant roles at each phase of the roll out.

Role Actions to prioritise for each phase
Phase 1 District, County/Area/Region (Scotland) and Regional (England) Commissioners and Appointment Secretaries, Superusers (a new short term role)
  • Ensure all adults have the correct current roles
  • Continue to ensure all relevant roles have a current valid disclosure
  • Ensure appointments are correctly attributed as pre-provisional, provisional or full
  • Ensure line manager’s contact details are correct
  • (It is particularly important to ensure that all relevant roles have current valid disclosures)


Phase 2 Group Scout Leaders, District Explorer Scout and Network Commissioners and Scout Active Support Unit Managers
  • Confirm that all Group, Section Leader and Network roles are correct and have correct contact and personal details.
  • Ensure that all relevant roles have a current valid disclosure.
  • Where required, add new adults, amend records and end roles where the adult is no longer active (including Occasional Helpers).
Phase 3


County/Area Training Mangers and Local Training Managers, Assistant Regional Commissioners for Adult Training (Scotland) and Assistant District Commissioners for Adult Training (Scotland) and Training Administrators
  • Check and update training records where required (concentrating on entering validation details) and maintain training records
Phase 4 All other adult volunteers
  • Check details on personal records, amending or requesting amends as appropriate.

Support materials

A range of support resources have been developed to assist different roles in using Compass. These will be available from from the start of the roll-out.

With the exception of a short period during the initial reintroduction, the range of reports currently available to managers will continue to be available during the roll-out process. In addition, a range of new reports will be made available as the phases are implemented.

Records Update

The records update service operated by UKHQ will continue to update Compass in line with requests made by Commissioners and Appointment Secretaries, however in order to facilitate the reintroduction of local access to Compass, requests for updates will need to be received by Sunday 13 December.

Wherever possible all update requests received by this date will be actioned before Compass is reintroduced, however as the volume of requests is impossible to predict, it may be necessary for some updates to be actioned in parallel with Phase 1.


Disclosures play a crucial part in our approach to safeguarding our young people and it is vital that every adult who requires one, has a valid current disclosure. Please continue to use the reporting tools and available disclosure information to actively progress disclosure applications or close roles where adults are no longer involved in Scouting.

And finally … we’ll continue to email progress updates regularly as well as prompts for important things you need to do.

We remain acutely aware of the inconvenience and frustration experienced while Compass has been unavailable locally. We’d like to thank you for your patience and understanding and assistance during this challenging period.

Many thanks

Wayne Bulpitt                            Matt Hyde
UK Chief Commissioner        Chief Executive

The Scout Association            The Scout Association

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